DPO Office Organogram
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan  (Education for All Movement), or SSA, is an Indian Government programme aimed at the universalization of elementary education “in a time bound manner”, the 86th Amendment to the Constitution of India making free and compulsory education to children between the ages of 6 to 14  a fundamental right(Article- 21A). TIt aims to educate all children between the ages 6 to 14
District Education Profile

Particulars Management Category Wise Particulars percentage
Schools Government Local Bodies 2746 446 648 3840
Private Aided 29 5 14 48
Private Un-Aided 398 433 398 1229
Others 9 24 02 35
TOTAL 3182 908 1062 5152
Enrolment Government and Local Bodies 133477 43568 175816 352861
Private Aided 1774 545 3374 5693
Private Un-Aided 86571 52764 80441 219776
TOTAL 221822 96877 259631 578330
Teachers Government and Local Bodies 6769 2617 7672 17058 75.46%
Private Aided 50 2 77 129 0.57%
Private Un-Aided 1828 1601 1988 5417 23.96%
TOTAL 8647 4220 9737 22604

Academic Wing:
In National Achievement Survey 2017(NAS), Ananthapuramu District got 4th Rank in Class III, 8th Rank in Class V and 7th Rank in Class VIII
Quality Intervention Programmes like ALA, Ganitha Mitra are being implemented based on the NAS Results for improving the performance of Slow learners.
Vindam Nerchukundam Radio Programme has been implemented for Primary Classes
Rastriya Aviskar Abhiyan (RAA)aims to develop a spirit of inquiry, creativity, and love for Science and Mathematics among school children as well as to develop a natural sense of passion towards learning of Science and Maths
Twinning of Schools is the programme in which Teachers and students share their experiences with paired schools. 876 schools ( 438 pairs ) were identified for this Program me and going to organise in the months of October and November.
GanithaVikasam (ABACUS) Programme has been implemented in 406 Upper Primary Schools during 2019-20.
Ananda Vedika, a Happiness Curriculum initiative Programme has been implemented during 2019-20 in all Primary, UP and High Schools in the District.
No School Bag Day (Srujana – SanivaramSandhadi)a special initiative programme has been  implemented during 2019-20 in all Primary, UP Schools for Classes I to V in the District.
During 2019-20, 271647 students are eligible for free Uniform.
During 2019-20, single pair stitched uniform is supplied to 58 Mandals as on 26.09.2019, remaining mandals will be supplied shortly through APCO.
During 2019-20, 2 pairs uniforms cloth will be supplied to 11 Mandals and stitching amount will be credited to students’ parents accounts
Parent Committee Elections:
To Improve the community Participation in the schools Parent Committees were established. In 3730 Schools Parents elected 54120 members as PC Members.
Kasturbha Gandhi Balika Vidhyalayas (KGBVs):
13434 Girls are studying in 62 KGBVs. 530 teaching staff and 790 No. Non-Teaching staff are working in the district.
The details of Enrolment in KGBVs:

Class Wise Enrolment 6 7 8 9 10 11th 12th Total
Sanctioned 2480 2480 2480 2480 2480 960 400 13760
Enrolment 2389 2407 2582 2509 2663 606 278 13434

No. Of CWSN Children Identified :5859
No. Of CWSN Children enrolled in Schools :4643
No. Of CWSN Children enrolled in IER Centers 1216
Providing Aids and Appliances to eligible CWSN and identified 2164 children for the year 2018-19 and budget allotted Rs.226.00 lakhs.
Providing Escort Allowance Transport Allowance to CWSN Children.
Providing Home Based Education Physiotherapy Services Therapy Services to

SL. No Intervention No. of Units Sanctioned Estimated Amount Rs. in Lakhs
1 ACRs 15 146.25
2 Boys Toilets 39 101.40
3 Girls Toilets 32 83.20
4 Major Repairs 134 Schools 287.0335
TOTAL 617.8835

SL.No Intervention No. of Units Sanctioned Estimated Amount Rs. in Lakhs
ACRs 15 146.25
Boys Toilets 39 101.40
Girls Toilets 32 83.20
Major Repairs 134 Schools 287.0335
TOTAL 617.8835
ODF Toilets
Sanctioned 1078 under Swatch Bharat Mission.
Completed 11
Progress 47
Not Started 1020
The District Collector reviewed and decided to taken up balance 1020 units with prefabricated structure with the same unit costs
KGBV Drainage System Works
Sanctioned 47 with an estimated cost of Rs. 152.23 Lakhs.
Completed progress 10 Not Started 02
infrastructure facilities in schools which are affected in mines area under Mines & Geology Department sanctioned:
No. of works sanctioned 121 in that 75 No.s Toilets, 45 No.s Drinking Water and 01 No. s Electrification.
Estimated Cost of Rs. 269.75 Lakhs
MGNREGs Compound Walls:
350 Compound walls were sanctioned previously (out of 843 Works 493 works were Cancelled) out of which 104 completed and 246 works are in progress further 296 compound walls are proposed for according Administrative Sanction.
Out of School Children
6539 Children were identified as Out of School Children for the 2019-20.
967 students out of 1056 were received Transportation Allowance through SMCs.
The collection of Ac quittance is not received from some of the MEOs.
Transportation Allowance approved for 6288 students during this year and the file is under process.
7103 cycles sanctioned through Hero Eco Tech Pvt Ltd., and 5376 cycles distributed to the students of 6th,7th,8th Classes.