About District

Ananthapuramu got its name from ‘Anaatasagaram’, a big tank, which means “Endless Ocean”. The villages of Anaantasagaram and Bukkarayasamudram were constructed by Anantaras Chilkkavodeya, the minister of Bukka-I, a Vijayanagar ruler. Some authorities assert that Anaantasagaram was named after Bukka’s queen, while some contend that it must have been known after Anantarasa Chikkavodeya himself, as Bukka had no queen by that name. Anantapur District was formed in the year 1882 having been separated from Bellary district.

The district was situated between 76º 47′ and 78º 26’E, of the eastern longitudes and 13º 41′ and 15º 14’N, of northern latitudes. The district is bounded on the north by the Kurnool District, on the southeast by Chittor District, on the east by YSR District, and on the west and southwest by Karnataka state. The district has population of 40,83,315 as per the 2011 census which accounts for 4.82% of the total population of the State with 12.16% decadal growth.

District was formed in the year 1882 having been separated from Bellary district. Later on, it was expanded with the addition of Revenue Mandals of Kadiri, Mudiguba, Nallamada, N.P. Kunta, Talupula, Nallacheruvu, O.D.Cheruvu, Tanakal, Amadagur and Gandlapenta (previous Kadiri Taluk) from Cuddapah District in the year 1910. During the year 1956, the present Revenue Mandals of Rayadurg, D.Hirehal, Kanekal, Bommanahal and Gummagatta of Bellary District were added to Anantapur District.

The District has been divided into 5 Revenue Divisions consisting of 63 Revenue Mandals (Anantapur-19,Dharmavaram-8,Penukonda-13,Kalyandurg-11 and Kadiri-12).

Area: 12805 Sq.Kms Language: Telugu Villages: 1681
Population: 52.86 lakhs Male: 26,33,304 Female: 26,52,520