Animal Husbandry

The Animal Husbandry Department plays a major role in providing veterinary health care and improving the genetic production potentialities of livestock reared in the State. Livestock sector is emerging as one of the potential and income-generating source to the rural community and providing full time employment in rural as well as semi-urban areas. Livestock wealth is the backbone of the rural economy. Agriculture farming taken up in smaller land holdings is becoming unproductive in recent years, due to lack of assured market/ fluctuation of prices for produce and other adverse seasonal conditions. Thus, the farmers are shifting from agriculture to Livestock farming. Availability of technology and inputs are also contributing to the shift.


  • Improving the production potential by way of breed up gradation in Cattle and Buffaloes through Artificial Insemination.
  • Providing preventive and curative health care to Livestock through constant vigil on disease outbreaks, rendering preventive vaccinations, deworming and treatment of ailing animals.
  • Augmenting fodder production to meet the nutritional requirements of Livestock.
  • Providing relief measures to livestock during natural calamities.
  • Building awareness among farmers on profitable Livestock production.
  • Coordinating with Health Department in controlling Diseases of Zoonotic importance.
  • Providing technical support to Livestock based poverty alleviation programmes.
  • Covering the Sheep population of the state under insurance programme.

Administrative Setup

Department is Headed in District by Joint Director Cadre.

Assisted by
Deputy Directors
Assistant Directors
Medical Officers (Veterinary  Assistant Surgeons)